A partner to sustainable development of your business in Kazakhstan

Who we are

KIDF’s main objective is to facilitate direct investment into development of the country’s economy.

We aid foreign enterprises in expansion of their operations into Kazakhstan.

We contribute equity capital alongside your investments.

KIDF Management Company operates within a framework of Astana International Financial Center (AIFC)

KIDF is one of the vehicles of the state infrastructure aimed to improve attractiveness of investment climate in the country. Within that ecosystem the state provides foreign investors with a combination of the following support:

  • secure legal framework via Common Law on AIFC
  • in-kind contributions like
    • land rights, infrastructure and access to resources through regional government’s offices
    • tax preferences (VAT, corporate income, land and property tax exemptions) through state agencies
    • reasonably priced debt in local and foreign currency (match currency exposure of an asset being created/developed) through development institutions
  • and, in the end, sharing equity investment risks with cash equity co-funding through KIDF


Our Management

The Board of directors holds an exclusive right to take investment decisions.

  1. Mr. Nurlan Baibazarov, Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  2. Mr Kanat Sharlapayev, Minister of Industry and Construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  3. Mrs Nazira Nurbayeva, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  4. Mr Yerzhan Yerkinbayev, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  5. Mr Dauren Temirbekov, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  6. Mr Renat Bekturov, Governor of Astana International Financial Centre
  7. Mr Arman Argingazin, Independent Director
  8. Mr Diyas Jubandykov, Independent Director
  9. Mr Marat Tulebayev, CEO

Committee for strategy, budget and remuneration

  1. Mr Diyas Jubandykov – Chair
  2. Mr Arman Argingazin
  3. Mr Marat Tulebayev

Investment Committee

  1. Mr Arman Argingazin – Chair
  2. Mr Diyas Jubandykov
  3. Mr Marat Tulebayev

Committee for Audit and Risk Management

  1. Mr Arman Argingazin – Chair
  2. Mr Diyas Jubandykov
  3. Mr Marat Tulebayev

Chief Executive Officer of Kazakhstan Investment Development Fund (KIDF) Management Company Ltd.

  • Mr Marat Tulebayev